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Re: SEUL: A few thoughts

Greg Bell wrote:

> A lot has been said about using HTML as a means of presenting
> information about linux which I tend to agree with (although I do

I'll agree with that also.  But what do we do for a browser?  Are we
planning to distribute the forthcoming freeware browser (Mnemonic?) 
Seems like that would work.

> Oh just as an aside, I have not mentioned 'business' systems because
> these are already set up in whatever OS they use an would require too
> much trouble to change, in my opinion to 'break' into the business arena
> it has to be from within which again points to why use linux vs
> W/D/S7/OS2/real UNIX.

Granted, business users are going to be harder to convert over in mass,
but I think we do need to make it easy for them as well.  That's where
the money and real market share are.  Linux *is* a better, more stable
OS than Win95, and it can easily stand up to the tests businesses would
put at it.  It *would* need a good office suite, and they would probably
be willing to pay for Applixware.

But if we don't at least put some effort into businesses, we won't put a
dent into Windows' marketshare.

> we have to look at what a devices a 'stock' computer has.  A zip
> distribution has been mentioned but zip drives are still a relatively
> rare beast amoung computer users.  I would have to cast my vote for a

Not really.  Quite a number of people and organizations I know of have

> cd-rom for two reasons 1:) whereas a zip disk is probably an easier
> medium to create a distribution on there is a limit on the amount of
> information that can be placed on it (94 megs worth if I am not

Right, but two or three Zip disks is better than 100 floppies.

> mistaken).  Then also there is the problem of which type of zip disk:
> Iomega, SysQuest, HP (well the HP is really just a Iomega) so there is

Iomega is by far the most common, and I'd say it's the only one we'd
need to support from the install floppy.  The Epson also works with
Iomega drivers, so no problem there.  HP probably will to if it's Iomega

> the factor of having to maintain multiple distribution on multiple

We'll probably just distribute this as a bunch of package files and a
few install programs and scripts.  We'll have to support floppies and
probably network install anyway, so a Zip wouldn't take much more.

> media, and 2:) a cd-rom is almost standard equipment on computers now,

Right, but some older 486s that are more than capable of running Linux
might not have CD-ROMs, not to mention many newer laptops.

And I still think a Zip would have a huge advantage in that you could
download the entire distribution to a Zip disk, create the boot floppy,
and go.  No writting it to floppies if you don't have a CD-ROM.

> Just a small note:  There has been a message about getting linux into
> grade schools which has valid points the only problem with that is the
> schools themselves.  A few years ago I attempted to give some software

Right, that could be a problem.  I think the biggest problem would be
getting good educational software for Linux.  That would be a huge help
if someone wanted to write some.

I know of a high school here in Oregon with a Linux network.  I'm trying
to convince my former high school to let me set them up one, and it's
possible that I'll succeed in that.
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