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SEUL: Some unanswered questions about SEUL

I have bben suscribed to this list from the first day, I have been to
the web site (not recently I confess) and there things which I still
find unclear in this project.

1) What will be the license?  I do not remember any clear statements
about GPL.

2) What will be the goals? 
  A distribution made from the grounds up or one taking the best in
each existant distribution and working from there to go farther?  The
former approach leads to much wheel reinvention.  In particular I do
not see why to build a new package manager when there are two good
ones (RPM and DPKG) with source code available.

3) Is this project for the sake of making a new distribution or for
the good of Linux?
  In the later case someone in SEUL should have contacts with other
distributions when there is an idea we think would be useful to them.

4) Project leaders are supposed to coordinate groups.  I do not see
any dicussion going on and I have not seen any message stating what
will be done in any particular area.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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