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SEUL: Need of a volunteer for fixing the game Abuse.

There is one thing than Linux needs really badly: games, games and
more games.  Not text ones but games filled with action, sound and
visual effects.

We don't have much of them so better keep the few we have in good

The SVGA version of ABUSE was broken by kernel 2.0.1.  I isolated the
problem to the two patches in exit.c (I think it was kernel/exit.c I
can check if neded).  Unfortunately they are needed for Posix
compatibility so those patches are going to remain.  At that time
source code of ABUSE was not available so there was nothing I could do.

But now than Abuse source is available so it can be fixed.  It will
not be so difficult: find the system call affected, find where it is
used in SVGA abuse and check if still valid.  And I don't think it is
used in hundreds of places.  There is a mail list about Abuse so you
could find than someone fixed the problem or is ready to help you.


-if your video card is supported by SVGAlib.

-if you want to help the SEUL and Linux cause.

-if you want to gain fame and glory and be known as "The man who
killed Liberty Valance" errgh, "The Man who fixed Abuse"  :-)

Then this job is waiting for you.

			Jean Francois Martinez

"Don't ask yourself what Linux can do for you, but what you can do for
Linux"   John Fitzgerald Kennedy