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Re: SEUL: outline of an end-user distro

On 8 Apr 1999, Eric BARROCA wrote:

> Hello,
> I think we can't do with i386/486 computers : X is unable to be launched
> on them.
> The end-users would like a *graphical* installation, with fancy
> picture/graphics.

They may like it, but can they afford it?  In the West this is generally
an obvious yes.  In the real world, this is all-too-often a question of

> They don't a << DOS-like >> (it's what thez said when they see a great and 
> usefull text based console!) interface.
> Why not do a text based installation, we we can't juts do that.
> We must include KDE and GNOME, it's the futur of the Desktop.

The future of the desktop is graphical, but for the present Linux should
not segregate.where it is not (yet) necessary.