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Re: SEUL: end-user distribution

> Market share?  Who cares about market share?

Ah! Market Share... Of course we're not selling anything, but the aim is
to make Linux easier to use for the "masses". And by doing this, get
more people using it. When I say market share I really mean "people
using it". The connection is direct and reasonably obvious.

> Anyway, I never said that Windows users were stupid.
> What I actually said was that stupid users deserve Windows.
> Quite a different thing altogether.  Apology accepted.

I apologize, I read it incorrectly.


"Stupid users deserve Windows"

Interesting statement. Just because a person is an eu and prefers the
GUI Interface of Windows doesn't mean that they are stupid or ignorant.
In many cases it means simply that they feel that UNIX isn't nice enough
to use as a primary operating system -- and in many ways that's true.

Matthew Horoschun