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Re: SEUL: About Independence, LaetOs, RedHat and Debian

> One last thing about RH - I think I read in various places, probably /.,
> that they're opposed to LSB - is this a good thing?

They are part of it. Atleast they are mentioned on the LSB main page:

> I've never looked into
> LSB personally, but I would suggest that (if my understanding of LSB is
> correct) a standard set of libraries would be a good thing? Not
> necessarily installed, but if a user has downloaded foomachine.tgz, or
> something equally imaginative, and uncompacted it & stuff, instead of it
> saying 'I need nastylibrary.so.1', or something equally terse, it should
> say 'Pop the CD in and I'll sort it out while you have a cuppa'. Being
> able to assume things about systems must make things easier?
> It's not necessarily just a case of making this distro easy to use;
> really, this type of software should be being written anyway, distro or no
> distro. I mean; GNOME doesn't replace window managers or X, but you never
> hear people saying 'I'm running GNOME/Enlightment' or something like that,
> they just say 'I'm running GNOME'. They know that having GNOME installed
> entitles them to access a certain toolkit; perhaps that's we seek to
> achieve here? If someone says 'I have [such-and-such easy distro]
> installed on my computer', the base doesn't necessarily matter insomuch
> that the finished result would be intimately tied to any distro?
> My $0.02's worth anyway ;))
> Cheers,
> Alex.

Cheers to you Alex. Exactly my point. Define a set of programs, DEs, window
managers, x-servers and libraries that you can rely on. That should make a fair
system to build software for. This way you reach two goals. Developers know what
they can expect, so hopefully more development (commercial), next the user
benefits, because all software that complies will run without any hassle.

Libraries: glibc2, GTK 1.2.x, tcl/tk, java, perl, ????
Window managers: Window Maker, Enlightenment, kwm
Desktop environments: KDE, GNOME

Just some ideas.