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Re: SEUL: LaetOS: Some thoughts about Distributions, Users and Goals of this project

> I don't fully agree with you. In the end, it's all GNU/Linux.
> Software like isapnp etc. can be used in every distribution. Maybe you
> have to fix one or the other thing, but in the end, all can use it.
> If we can't design software, that is usable on all systems, it is simply
> not good enough.
> Of course, there are exceptions. But that means work for the distributor
> and not for us.

Okay, that seems to me exactly the point we have to agree on, to make cooperation
work. Couldn't we try to settle on the libraries supported? If we all share the
same libraries we tackle our first problem.
I have seen lot of efforts on the net to give certain libraries a certain look
and feel. Let's say we all agree on atleast supplying:
Qt, GTK and Tcl/Tk
Then we could use e.g. GTKstep, neXtaw, Tkstep to nextify those libraries for
Window Maker.

And you could do the same to K-ify the libraries.

This way we share some common libraries, bu everyone can do with it as he likes.
This would also mean that an helper written by one of the groups (LED, LaetOS,
Independece) can be used on the other distro.