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Re: SEUL: Re: Proposal for using a single mailing list [was Re: Oneend-user distribution?]

Michel Stam wrote:
> Donovan Rebbechi wrote:
> > On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Michel Stam wrote:
> >
> > > But has it been completed already ?
> >
> > YES ! it's a Beta release, but you can download it and run it. In fact
> > some people already have.
> >
> > The next release will essentially be a bugfix
> > release , with a few end user apps added, and should  go on CD .
> >
> > At the moment, our aim is to stay 100% compatible with Redhat because they
> > ( and their variants ) , as well as their package format are more or less
> > ubiquitous. So our primary goal is to be binary compatible with RH even if
> > that means we aren't binary compatible with Laet or LED. Of course, if
> > these guys are also binary compatible with Redhat, they'll be compatible
> > with us ( just as mandrake are )
> >
> > We are interested in using any good software we see in the other distros,
> > and also urge other distribution projects to take a look the list of
> > software we add to Redhat, and seriously consider adding it to their
> > projects.
> Ok, but would you consider changing/adding to your distribution if you could
> maintain your goals ? What I mean, do you want to make changes to for
> instance packages shipped with your distribution if you would not have to
> drop the 100% compatibility ? I think this is a rather essential issue here,
> since if no-one wants to change anything to make their distribution
> compatible with the others as well, there is no point in continuing this
> discussion.
> Michel

Of course we will change packages and add packages.  That's what we 
have been doing all this time.  If we see any interesting software 
out there ( Interesting means good for end users ) It's snag and put 
into Independence.  Everyone is welcome to do the same.  It doesn't 
matter where the software comes from as long as we are allowed to 
redistribute it.  ( We do have a prejudice against cripleware though ).

A few items have been borrowed from SuSE and SlackWare.  RedHat is 
convenience not religion.