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SEUL: Free software / Community Aid Abroad

     I am contacting you as part of my work with the Simple End-User
Linux project (http://www.seul.org). Our goal is to make Linux more
easily attainable by mainstream computer users, and put free software
into the hands of people who can use it.
     I recently came across your "Development, Ethical Trading, and Free
Software" page, and saw many parallels between your paper and the goals
of SEUL. One of the projects currently being developed is a GPL-based
linux distribution for workstation users appropriately called
Independence, or Indy for short. Although Indy is at an early stage of
development, there is sufficient software for a user to be productive,
and the list of packages is growing quickly.
     There are a raft of other projects ongoing as well, and I'd be
quite happy to discuss these with you.

     Most importantly, there has been talk of setting up a separate
project at SEUL to help out with the publicity, advocacy and simply
helping set up free software as part of community-based projects. I
would very much like to hear your ideas on this matter, as your article
indicates that you have a good deal of experience with these issues.
Perhaps we can help each other.

     Looking forward to your reply,


Pete St. Onge - McGill U.  Limnology - Fun with Ropes & Buckets
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