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SEUL: hosting the General Education Online project

http://wsdo.sao.uwf.edu/~geo/ is a list of links to an enormous number of
higher educational institutions, worldwide. I have been speaking with the
author (cc'ed on this mail), and he wants to have seul host this list.

Apparently this list is more comprehensive than yahoo's, and yahoo is
generally pretty slow at updating (and has refused to incorporate this
link into theirs. Yay corporate tactics.) I've discussed some ways of
saving time in maintaining the list, but it would still be very handy
to have some more maintainers, ideally representatives from each area
around the world who have more clue about the institutions there.

An interesting addition that we pondered was adding a ranking or scoring
for each institution, to show their official opinion about Linux, or how
widespread use of Linux is at the institution, or some similar metric.
The idea hasn't been fleshed out very far yet, but it could turn into an
extremely valuable resource for Linux advocates, for local LUGs looking
for a group to hook up with, or for users looking for clueful Linux people
in their local area.

Anyway, it might get a name-change (suggestions very much appreciated) so
it doesn't conflict as much with the drgeo project, and it might live under
www.seul.org/edu/ or it might be geo.seul.org (or whatever the new name
would be). Probably the latter, since it will be getting lots of frequent
updates if it works out.

I could probably get some of Debian or the SPI to help out, since they
seem to think that Linux advocacy is a good idea even though they spend
so little time on it.

Comments, questions, concerns?