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SEUL: Re: [Freehive-list] Freehive status?

In message <w4zhfrjli26.fsf@nocto.styx.net>, joakim@styx.net writes:
>In a few months, it might be looking up for our part. We're getting more
>organized on our paid workload, and we're growing, so there will be more and
>more defined free time, I expect this to happen before summer.
>But, please, if you're there, tell me, and what you would like to do. The
>project is good, there's just to few hours in the day.

So I've been lame about putting the SEUL logo on our front-page so far, but
now another group (linuxkb.org) wants to put our logo on their page, and I
realize that the logo's aren't quite ready.

looks like it's the closest one from what people were discussing earlier.
Can somebody grab this and make several other versions of it? One with the
text on the bottom, one not; also something much smaller (presumably without
the text), max width somewhere in the 75-150 range. They tried to shrink it
for me, but the swooshes looked jagged.

Anyway, this seems like a small task, but it still needs to be done.

Ideally, somebody could also take a look at www.seul.org and tell me a
good way to integrate the logo into the page. This might involve a
specially sized version of the logo. I'm not opposed to rearranging
parts of the front-page if you think that would simplify/enhance things.
Or more specifically, I'm not opposed to somebody sending me some html
that demonstrates a good rearrangement of the front-page. :)