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SEUL: Advocacy.sdoc / call for help

Hi all,
      I've realized over the last few weeks that thesis work and working
two jobs to afford me the luxury of staying in school has taken up a
great deal of my time, to the detriment of the work I wanted to do on
advocacy.sdoc. At the same time, although I have set up linux systems
before, I haven't yet been able to get my hands on enough gear to set up
a workstation box at home.
     Although this will change soon enough, I don't think that it would
be good for me to keep on this way. That said, I can do the upkeep on
the file, as long as I get stuff to put into it.

     Specifically: I'd really appreciate hearing what folks would say
about the advantages of using linux from the perspective of specific
user types (these are found on the page below), and range from that of
the mainstream user, the power user, the business user and others.

The page can be found at:


Thanks a lot,


And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

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