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SEUL: Re: [oswg] Some thoughts on the Linux Documentation Project

> This is the least of our problems. One of the problems that concerns
> most LDP writers has been mysterious disappearance of LDP maintainer who
> hasn't been commiting documents to LDP for a very long time. Neither has
> this person attempted to respond to any of his e-mails. 
> There has been quite a bit of discussion on linux-doc mailing list about
> people not getting any response or people not being able to submit new
> howtos. I have bunch of submissions for my Cable Modem howto but I
> haven't included them in my document since I don't see any point in
> updating the document that will never make it to LDP. 
> Sick and tired,
> Vladimir
Just so it doesn't seem like Vladimir is alone in this problem, we're
in the same boat. We wrote the Commercial Port Advocacy Howto (CPAH,
http://www.seul.org/pub/howto/cpah.html) many months ago, and even
put it in the format that the LDP wanted. The LDP fellow said it would
work best as a mini-howto, and we said "ok, whatever you think best",
and then he stopped answering mail.

I believe there are dozens of good howto's out there that have had this
same problem.
Perhaps the oswg should start collecting them. :)