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SEUL: WWW site issues

A couple of issues about the web site which I think need discussion:

First, what minimum browser spec are we designing to? For instance, we
could have a rule of "everything must be readable by XXX". XXX being,
for instance, Lynx or Netscape 2. This is not to say that there can be
no tags not recognised by the minimum browser (eg font sizes), just that
someone using this minimum must not loose any content.

In the longer term: This is not very relevant at present, but eventually
I can envisage two almost separate sites being required: one for
development and one for potential users investigating SEUL.
At some point I think the two sites will have to separate, with the
users' one being www.seul.org and containing a link to the dev site
(maybe seul.org/dev) for anyone interested.



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