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SEUL: Re: [lpr] Linux Advocacy Docs Team

On Sat, 30 Jan 1999, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> I propose that we carry on the discussion on the seul-pub list currently
> (it's relatively low-traffic other than this thread and threads like it).
> To subscribe, mail majordomo@seul.org with body 'subscribe seul-pub'.
> It's archived at http://www.seul.org/archives/seul/pub/
> If it becomes a problem, I'll make a separate list for this.

Sounds fair to me.  I'll subscribe when I get a moment at work.

> I think what we should do first of all is come up with a tentative list of
> categories, and sort my list of url's based on those categories. Then we
> should try to add as many as possible based on websearches, lists of links,
> etc. Following that (which shouldn't take long to just start), we should
> decide on the resources we have available to us in terms of volunteers, and
> pick one or perhaps two categories to flesh out further -- read the articles
> that we've listed in that category, summarize or criticize or compare or
> document them, and see if some of them are more comprehensive, well-written,
> or effective than others. Then we try to update those into something more
> useful, send mail to the authors suggesting the changes, send mail to other
> places mentioning (announcing) the changes. That should get us rolling. I
> propose that FUD articles be among the first category we attack, given that
> there are relatively few articles on the topic, and it's a relatively easy
> topic to grok.

Sounds like a very solid plan to me.

Hopefully discussion will continue on seul-pub.  I'll join ASAP.