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SEUL: request for status

So it's getting to be that time again where we've done enough that we
should send out a status report. This will reach the 718 people on
the seul-announce list, and from there linuxtoday will pick it up and
hand it to a several thousand more people. Yay publicity.

So...tell me what I should say. Each group gets a paragraph, if they want
it. I only want to include news from you if you actually have something to
say, though, of course. If you write the paragraph for me, all the better.
It doesn't have to be anything finished or really cool. This is a good
opportunity to try to jumpstart a project that is getting ignored, or get
public feedback for something that's in progress.

So far:

Doug is compiling a list of documents seul-edu has written/updated recently.
If you could help him with that, Wil, that would be keen.

gEDA has put out a new snapshot since my last seul-announce mail. Anything
else to mention, like gmos, gwave, libstroke, the rpms/dpkgs, etc? I see a
lot of files in your dist/ directory.

I'm not on the FreeHDL list, so I haven't been keeping up with that lately.
I do know that people are frequently downloading an 800k package from
enaroska's web directory. Do you guys want a freehdl-owned directory in
/home/ftp/pub/? (As a matter of convenience, I mean. The system load for web
vs ftp is not relevant.)

FreeCASE still seems disorganized. Should
http://www.freecase.seul.org/download/UmlCoreIdl.tar.gz be getting more
publicity? What other 'products' do you have that indicate progress?

Project Independence is close to having 0.0.2 of their distrib out. Should
I declare that it's currently 0.0.2pre1 or something subtle like that, to
get a couple more testers? :)

We've set up anon-CVS (pserver) for the sox project on cran (linked from
http://home.sprynet.com/~cbagwell/sox.html) That's probably worth