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SEUL: seul website cvs revamped

The old seul cvs repository is now obsolete.

I grabbed the current live website, cleaned it up, and put it into a
new cvs repository at

This has a main directory public_html and the actual live website lives
under it. Any changes you commit to this repository go to the live
website, directly. No levels of indirection like before, no confusing
"mapping" files.

Belegost updates every 10 minutes, at 5 after, 15 after, etc.

So if you want to checkout/update/etc the new repository onto cran,
make a new directory, cd into it, and then
cvs -d /home/seul/website_cvsroot checkout .

Basically, it's just like it was, but with a different path for the

Don't commit to the old repository anymore. We all hereby agree to
ignore it.

Let me know if there are any problems or if any files you liked are
now missing.