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SEUL: OK, welcome to the latest list :)

[.info file:]
This list is for discussion of the web site, the announce, and public-
relations in general.  It is watched carefully by all the project leaders and 
everyone maintaining web pages.  Membership for page maintainers will likely 
be considered mandatory, so everything can be kept in sync.
[end .info]

OK, this list is about 10min old so far.  Arma's announce should see a flood 
of new members (maybe), so everyone here should be prepared.

Twoducks is working on shortlist of things that need to be added to the site, 
and possibly where to put them, as we have no real site hierarchy set up yet. 

twoducks: the list should be posted here as soon as it has some stuff on it,
probably.  That'll get discussion going.

arma: can you add seul@majordomo.seul.org to the list, and make sure that the 
password is the same as the others?

Yipee, more mail!!!


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