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Re: SEUL: Introduction

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Simon Waldman wrote:

> I emailed seul@seul.org yesterday wondering what I could do to help on
> the project... Arma suggested that I introduce myself to seul-pub.
Well, since others are introducing themselves...  I've been working with
computers for a good 6 years now, spent a year or two working at a
computer store.  I'm an amateur inventor, scientist, publisher, printer,
author, I'm getting into filmmaking, hacker...  I have a knack for getting
things dirt-cheap(for instance, I have a Chandler & Price 8x12 Old Style
letterpress, 1200lbs of cast iron, paid $10 for it).  Been homeschooled
since 8th grade, and (among other projects) I'm currently working on
developing a 1/4lb bike frame.  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
Hacker, Mad Scientist, Machinist, Publisher, and Author

Version: 3.1

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