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SEUL: Call for Docs

The CVS repo is getting close to being ready.  I am now in need of anything 
and everything out there to stuff into my test site.  Please send me copies
of what you have, and I'll deal with conversions as needed and as time
allows.  This will also help me finish off the basic sdoc stuff.

I'll post a list of everything that I think we need later tonight, and keep 
the file online and up-to-date with what I'm sent.  Once it's sent out, 
I'll want comments and changes, so we can build a full list of what needs 
to be done before we can consider the site 'releasable'.

This really belongs to Marty, but I need content to play with RSN, so I'll 
start the list of things we need, then hand it over to him once the repo is 
set up and running.


     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
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