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SEUL: whylinux?: 'Problems with..' section layout

> I was trying to show what I meant by "commercial" versus "free" operating
> system.  Given the nature of online FAQs, I wanted to include some Linux
> advocacy in the commercial sections so people would didn't read all sections
> would still have a clear idea what I'm saying.  The goal is to reach end
> users, who generally are not familiar with these concepts.  They may have
> some general acquaintance with the concept of free Operating Systems, but
> may misunderstand some of the licensing details.

What you might do in that case then is modify the name of that section.  The 
section title is 'Problems with existing systems', so it could be modified to 
'Problems with existing systems and what Linux does better'.  OK, not that 
actual title, but something like that.  Just try to make it sound like the 
goal of the section includes discussing what Linux does, too.

> What I am considering is including a stronger adversative, such as "On the
> other hand, Linux..."

I'd do that, *and* have all the Linux info for each section start with its 
own paragraph.  When I was going through the doc last night, I had to be 
careful where I started highlighting, because the Linux info was a little too 
closely tied (language-wise) to the M$/Mac/etc. info.

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