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SEUL: prelim indy webwork done

Ok, so I revamped some of the info on the front page, went
through and fixed some broken links, and fixed several typos and
wordo's in the manifesto.

If anybody wants anything in the "developer's section" updated,
then they'll have to figure out what it is. I didn't actually put
any thought into my changes. :)

I've cleaned up enough space on belegost that we'll have a backup
site that can handle any overload that cran gets.

I have made an RPMS/ symlink in pub/independence to
pub/independence/distribution/Independence/RPMS/ because I decided
it was a bit mean to make people type all that. :) (The URL also
didn't fit on an 80-column line, which is a bad sign.)

I added an extra part to the announce:
"Since the changes right now are only new RPMs, it should be
able to be installed manually, or by pointing your RH52 install floppy
at ftp://ftp.independence.seul.org/pub/independence/RPMS/"

I think this will get a lot more people to try it out, since they
don't have to wander around the site looking for a way to install it.

I changed the independence-l.info (the file that gets sent to people
when they sub to the list) to be slightly more updated, and to mention
that you should sub to seul-announce if you want to hear only general
announcements. Eventually I should probably mention this on the
Independence front page, but not yet.

Also -- should we mention the mailing list on the announce? My vote
is no.

The current announce lives at http://web.mit.edu/arma/Public/indy

We're getting close. :) Not bad, for two people working..(and I
barely count as working)