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SEUL: User Resources

First a suggestion. Could we change the "User Resources" on the SEUL home page
from linking to the "SEUL Bookmarks List" to linking to a page with a variety
of links to user resources such as:

http://mit.edu/arma/Public/groups/ Group Summary Information

http://cran.seul.org/~vernier/eduml/ EDUML v0.7
http://cran.seul.org/~vernier/teresa/index.html Documents on XML in Education

http://seul.org/edu/oss.project.leadership.html OSS Project Leadership
I do not see a link to this from the seul-edu page.

for now
a link to links.sdoc
a link to links2.sdoc

Books Page
XML by Example by Sean McGrath
Prentice Hall PTR 1998
The Artist's Guide to the GIMP by Michael Hammel
SSC Inc. 1998
Bill Tihen may help contribute to the book list.

If we can get people coming to SEUL for user resources, I believe we will get
some of these people interested in participating in SEUL efforts.

1999 The Year Of Linux
Make It Happen