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Re: SEUL: Re: [Freehive-web] SEUL logo/site?

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> In message <w4yd84xwpv0.fsf@vibrator.styx.net>, leo@styx.net writes:

> >Now it's
> >back to work, both for styx and for freehive. I'd like to stop screwing around
> >with the logo for a bit now, I think what we've come up with now would just
> >about be:
> >
> >http://www.freehive.org/projects/seul/seul-leo-1.gif
> >
> One comment I got when I asked around:
> |I liked it better with the lowercase letters, but this is
> |nice. Shrunk to 1/3 size and with the bottom chopped off,
> |it's pretty good. If the bottom's going to stay on, though,
> |and stay uppercase, it should be either made monospace or
> |kerned properly. This looks weird (especially in the words
> |simple and linux)

I agree about the kerning, but I'd probably just drop it all and go with
just "SEUL."  A logo should be a simple as possible.  I remember a class
(long ago) in heraldric design that stressed that when designing a flag
for easy recognition from a distance you shouldn't put words on it.  The
graphic design needs to be quickly recognizable without having to read
anything.  Look at Lucent's or AT&T's logos.  It's off topic, but the
standard US state flag design of a dark blue background with the state
seal centered is probably the worst one you can get for a flag.

> >But, I think the final say on this really needs to come from the SEUL
> >people. If they want a total redsign and to what extent, I'm quite sure that
> >freehive is up to the task.
> I've been keeping the seul people informed. The general consensus is that
> if you come up with something better, we'll use it. Our current site is
> far from perfect.. (but there might be some discussion over whether it's
> 'better' -- but that's good.)
As a member of the SEUL community, I'd like to see a suggested redesign
of both the SEUL home page and some interior page (since I'm active in
seul-edu, I offer http://www.seul.org/edu for redesign).  As Roger says,
an important part of any redesign for us will be the ammount of effort
required to realize it on all the pages of the site.

> For instance, I'm trying to flush out some workers to help out with the Linux
> News Project (linuxunited.org/projects/news/) [...]
> Anyway, this is an example of a project with much higher
> priority than a seul website redesign..
There's no reason that a redesign can't occur in parallel with other
projects, although it would have to be done with minimal added workload
for Roger (preferrably none).  Roger, we don't thank you enough for all
the effort you put into keeping SEUL a going concern.  There for a
little while it looked as though SEUL was going to wither from neglect
by some of the original leaders, but you kept things going till some of
us pretenders could step in to help.  Thank you.

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