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Thanks for your concern and your suggestion to use ftp. Unfortunately AOL is a
big black box. If files are set up to be downloadable on a web site, AOL can
download them. But I don't know of any way to interact with the process.
Anyway I've spent the day playing with things and believe I've gotten them
working. Following is a listing of the process that sort of works:

open AOL
open email document (links are clickable meaning the web page comes up)
highlight body of document
click on Edit
click on Copy
close document
click on File
click on New
click on Edit
click on Paste (document links are now non-clickable)
click on File
click on Save AS...
save as "text" file "links2.txt"
close document
close AOL
"AOL has crashed this is normal" so Ctrl/Alt/Delete
open text editor Word 6
"It has crashed also" so reboot computer
click on File
Click on Open "links2.txt"
"and there it is"
edit file
save file often
close text editor
open AOL
click on File
click on Open (document links are non-clickable)
highlight file
click on Edit
click on Copy
close file
click write email
click on Edit
click on Paste
email to myself
open email document (links are now clickable)
test changes
repeat whatever is necessary

See nothing to it.

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