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SEUL: Re: Linux Advocacy Docs Team

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> Ok, so it's been longer than I was expecting before I got my act together
> and did something about the advocacy docs team idea. But here I am.
> Some more individual links:
> http://www.anatomy.usyd.edu.au/danny/freedom/ip/aidfs.html

I've just started on a companion to this document, looking at pragmatic
(rather that ethical/political) reasons for the choice of free
software.  I hope to follow that up with an actual migration plan for
Community Aid Abroad (the aid organisation I do volunteer work for, and
at whom these documents are aimed in the first instance).


This has only just been started, so any suggestions would be very
welcome.  I'm particularly keen to find examples of organisations which
have deployed Linux on the desktop...