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SEUL: [OT]: Project start for GEO

>  My name is Michael Viron and I am the Project Coordinator and
>Administrator for General Education Online (GEO).  GEO contains links to
>over 5,000 Universities and Colleges around the world.
>Unfortunately, this means that it has reached a point where one person
>cannot handle updates in a reasonable amount of time.  (The current update
>in progress began in May, 1999 and will continue at least through late July.)
>Since May 1999, I have been looking for volunteers to help with the coding
>and design of a database driven system for General Education Online to
>better handle updates, additions, and corrections to the list.
>Additional information follows below:
>General Education Online is located at http://wsdo.sao.uwf.edu/~geo/ .
>We are almost to the point where we can start working on a prototype
>version of the General Education Online Site.  We're waiting for the
>hardware to arrive right now, so that we can install PHP / MySQL and start
>switching geo over to a database type format (with searches and so forth).
>There will be some "internal" use pages which would be served up via
>applications written in C / C++ / perl (depending on which language best
>supports what we want to do), some of which are already in progress.
>For example, programs are being worked on to help handle automatic updates
>to the database (via yahoo or alternate sites--not sure yet).  A database
>administration engine would also have to be built from the ground up.
>Since the conversion of GEO is essentially a revamp from the ground up, you
>would be able to help with the initial specs and so forth for the site
>(including any programs that might have to be written in C / C++ / perl).
>At this point, I'm not really sure what we'll do internally (via C / C++ /
>perl) and what we will do externally (via PHP / SQL)--but I can assure you
>that there will be opportunities for php, c / C++, perl, sql, html and
>graphics developers.
>Michael Viron
>Project Coordinator & Administrator
>General Education Online
>A Project of Web Spinners at the
>University of West Florida