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SEUL: Help on downloading ssh

I am trying to download ssh from http://ftp.replay.com Obviously I'm not
getting something right. First I've got RedHat 6.0 installed right out
of the box. Netscape 4.51 is installed. From Netscape, I type
http://ftp.replay.com and a web page comes up. On the right side under
"New on Replay" I see "RedHat 6.0 & ssh 1.2.27 I click on it and get a
new page. I scroll down the new page till I see a folder labelled i386.
I click on this and get another page. I scroll down this page till I see
ssh folders. I click on the following and they appear to download (I see
% downloaded and download complete messages in the little box):
When I search my harddisk they are not there. I used Pete's suggestion
as root ( find . -name "ssh*.rpm"  -print).
I do get one message find: ./proc/5/fd: Permission denied
When I do cd ./proc/5/fd I get the message
bash: ./proc5/fd: Permission denied
Any ideas