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SEUL: my status

I've been offline for a week. I've got 1800+ messages piled up, and haven't
had time to read more than a few of them yet. There is no point in the
near future where I'm going to be able to spend a lot of time online
dealing with them, so expect long delays.
Hopefully sometime in the next week or two I'll go through and forward
all the seul-relevant messages to seul-pub, and I can get some volunteers
here (anyone?) to volunteer to respond to them. They're the usual sorts
of things that I get to seul@seul.org and arma@seul.org (perhaps two or
three per day).

Anyway, I'll let you guys know more when I have a better status. I just
started my summer job down here in Maryland, and things may settle into
place (or not, else I'll be mostly offline for the summer. Oops.) And
hey, I'll even have a .mil address you can mail me at. ;)