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Re: SEUL: a new operating system interaction

i'm not able to program...
I can give you my support by texts and images...

Doug Loss wrote:

> On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 23:57:19 +0200, Lorenzo De Tomasi <deto@working.it> wrote:
> >
> > An interface of this type can be easily created with a program like
> > Macromedia director...
> > I'm not a programmer and Im able to create it with MD...
> > If you want to realise this I can test the interaction and give you some
> > hints...
> > Or do you want I project the entire interaction?
> > The idea is good...
> >
> Lorenzo,
>    Bob and Michael were sending the messages to both seul-pub and seul-edu (our
> educational mailing list).  Your responses only went to seul-pub, so I'm
> forwarding them to seul-edu so the people on that list only won't miss the
> discussion.  If you're interested, we'd welcome your contributions to seul-edu.
> You can join by going to <http://www.seul.org/edu/> and filling out the small
> form at the bottom of the page.
>    I'd recommend against doing this in Director, as that would limit the group
> able to make use of it.  It could possibly be done in PHP3 or in Java
> (definitely in Java), but if possible I'd like to see it as a program in Tcl/Tk
> or one of the other Linux (and other OSs) scripting languages.  That way it
> could run on the individual student's computer rather than on the server, and a
> server wouldn't even be needed.  This might be something Ghislain Picard would
> be interested in adding to Xem, his chemistry program.  Odile, do you know if
> Ghislain is following the seul-edu discussions?  If not, could you let him
> know about this idea?
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