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SEUL: we should host more projects

Just a brief note to let people know that they should continue hunting for
linux software projects that are in need of better homes. The two primary
seul machines are only lightly loaded these days, and I've had several
people offer to help host things if we need more help.

Specifically, we should be looking for projects that
* are useful to the world and need homes
* are useful to end-users, or oriented towards end-users or educational

This means applications, documentation/advocacy projects, etc. Having a
collection of educational- and end-user-oriented groups means they can work
together, share ideas/users/members/publicity, etc.

They don't have to be licensed freely, but they need to be non-commercial
(that is, not dealing with money at all). Often, offering a good system for
hosting can be a good enough bribe to start an author thinking about making
his license more free. (For instance, we succeeded at this with the WXftp
project.) This is probably more likely to work with smaller projects than
with larger ones. Of course, projects with free licenses are better than
those with non-free licenses.

Anyway, we don't have to host the whole project. We can do webpages,
ftp site, mirrors, mailing lists, cvs and anon cvs (pserver), dns (primary
or secondary), etc.

If you find a suitable project, feel free to let me know about them (and
cc seul-pub if you like), or contact them yourself (and cc me and/or
seul-pub) if you're familiar with how they work. If there's any question
about commercial/etc issues, please contact me first though.

Some good places to start are http://www.seul.org/edu/software.html
(seul-edu existing software pages) and the random software suggestions
that show up on the independence list and pages (independence.seul.org).