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SEUL: introduction

Simon asked me to introduce myself.  I'll be maintaining the dev-help


<!-- abandoning attempt to come up with a sane, normal introduction -->

I am a creature of the web. I have updated 30 web documents today, but
have not tied my shoes or showered. According to .bash_history, I have
typed "ps x" more times in the last 24 hours than I have spoken to
humans. I promised myself  today that I'd sleep at *night*, and it's 3
AM again. Nonetheless I'll wake up early (i.e., by noon) tomorrow
because I urgently need to get to the post office--  so I can order
another 32 meg of ram (I overslept today). 

During my waking hours I sculpt in electrons. My tools are HTML, colored
pixels, JavaScript, and a smattering of Perl. Once upon a time ago
(before half this list was born, probably) I hacked athmospheric
modeling programs using Fortran IV on some of Seymour
Cray's boxes for the US government. But that was a long time ago, and
my repeat  efforts to learn modern object oriented programming have
failed ("...whaddya mean it has no line numbers?"). Once upon a time
ago, though, I also learned design and copywriting and marketing, and
*those* skills are my strengths when sculpting electrons today (even
though I really really hate advertising/marketing/propaganda -to -waste
-one's -life -wanting/buying -useless -things. *blegh*)



I've so far mostly been scrambling to understand sdoc and cvs and ssh.
Though one concrete proposal I have is to add greater interactivity to
the website. dev-help has at times solicited input via the mailing list
that is not really dev-help exclusive (see
for an example). A very minor hack of a public domain guestbook program
would, for example, provide those *not* subscribed to dev-help to
quickly and easily add to dev-help's help topics/task help list. Once
I'm sure which way is up as far as sdoc/cvs goes, I'll work at this.


Laura A. Tisoncik       "muskie" on IRC
muskie@grrltalk.net     webmaster@grrltalk.net