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SEUL: Re: Linux PR and LU-News

> Roger,
>    I read the announcement for the Linux PR site on LinuxToday, and took
> a look at it.  Does it cover what the LU-News project was talking about?
Unfortunately, nowhere near. The lu-news project wanted to provide a
standardized (xml-based) format for distribution of news, so it can be
parsed and presented in a personalized way at each site or for each user.

As it is, linuxpr.com is simply Yet Another News Source, and hasn't solved
anything except claiming to be the premiere source for press releases. It's
just another site that people have to make sure to hit if they're doing a
press release. That's no good.

It *is* true that the Linux news sites are doing a good job these days
of watching each other, and noticing when a good news piece shows up on
the other news sites. But it still seems like kind of a waste, that
a) they're doing it manually
b) there are so many news sites that all have the same news

I'm sure an entirely different class of people have problems with a) than
have problems with b).

Anyway. (I've cc'ed this to seul-pub in case anybody wanted to follow