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Re: SEUL: SEUL noticed by Microsoft!

In message <3641F27B.30A99F55@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>I just read Eric Raymond's second leaked MS memo
><http://www.opensource.org/halloween2.html>.  Towards the end of it SEUL
>is mentioned!  I don't know if that's good or bad.

Wow! Yes, that's good. :) We're getting a lot of hits from large companies,
from that. I've sent esr a short mail asking him to fix up the URL (so the
stray paren goes outside the link).

I'm sorry I've been so busy lately; this was a bad week for me, in terms of
classload. How's the new page design going? I think we've agreed on a color
scheme..should we move to content? All the pages behind the front page can
stay the same (except www.seul.org/dev/ but that's an exception), so it
shouldn't be that bad to actually set up a new page, tweak it for a bit, and
then replace the current frontpage with it.