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SEUL: Gradebook Program

OK folks, this is from Slashdot.  Here we have all the main
requirements.  Doesn't look like it would be hard to do.  Would convince
many teachers to move to Linux for themselves, and therefore eventually
their students.

I don't think I'm going to commit to this project - I've already
committed to 13 too many things - but it's another idea.....


          Make one? (Score:1)
          by DBCooper (wilson@chem.umn.edu) on Friday November 06,
          (User Info) 
          Yes, gradebook programs are essentially database apps with
lots of custom features. There are a lot of good ones available.
Everyone at my school uses
          GradeMachine (http://www.mistycity.com). The big features
would include:

          * the ability to keep track of grade categories (e.g.,
quizzes, homework, etc.) and calculate weighted grades.
          * ways to keep track of quarter grades and calculate semester
          * a way to place an assignment in several different courses
without retyping it each time
          * some student records such as phone numbers, names of
parents, etc.
          * lots of ways to customize printed reports

          Some additional features that are desireable:

          * ability to communicate with administrative attendance
programs. In other words, the teacher does his or her attendance and
sends it electronically to the
          * email reports to parents
          * custom grading scales for individual students
          * ability to plot grade distributions

          There are lots of other ideas. These are some of the biggies.
I've often considered trying something like this, but my programming
skills aren't up to the task.

          I run Linux 90% of the time at school. The only time I have to
use the other half of my dual-boot is to run GradeMachine. There are
other teachers in my
          department who would be willing to try Linux, but not having
an electronic gradebook for Linux means that they run Windows nearly

          I'd love to see a group of people who are interested in seeing
Linux become more common in schools take on this project. I will help
all that I can.