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Re: SEUL: Introduction

In a message dated 11/14/98 4:50:52 PM EST, sabecon@sabecon.hiline.net writes:

>A few thoughts:
>I don't think that a grade book would be the HIGHEST priority for
>computers in education. Different districts and campuses have such varied
>requirements that nobody would be happy anyway.  Better to just have
>available pre-built spreadsheet templates and maybe macros that could do
>as much and more than a specialized gradebook program.
>Things I think would be a high priority for an educational project for
>First of all is to translate basic howto documentation into simple
>informative tutorial/cookbook references. Anyone read the Monitor-Timing
>How-To lately?  :)

I've been pondering this for some time. The real issue is where to get the
people power to do it. If you have any ideas, I would sure like to hear them.
Also see
>Production of materials to educate the people making the decisions for
>purchases and implimentation of computers in education. Most do not even
>have a decent idea of what computers can or should be able to do in
>education let alone why they should choose linux to do it. 
In the works. http://OpenSoft.Org (The domain is in place but until the web
pages are up, you will get the ISP home page Premier1 Internet Services, Inc.)

>Planning Software such as ical or korganizer modified/hacked to fit
>lesson planning.
>Probably until a better protocol is introduced, html based models for
>instructional materials and evaluation/testing allowing for cross-platform
>use of exisiting hardware and software.
>Championing at least another HTML tag to allow ratings of pages to
>disallow inappropriate content. The schools are having to have such
>draconian firewalls and site blocking that you can hardly do anything from
>a school net.  
>If interested, I have some other ideas of what is needed but this was to
>be a SHORT introduction :)

Always interested, especially if they address the issue of finding people
to get the work done. There's work as simple as proofreading pages.
Any ideas. I'm serious.