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(reminder: it's at http://cvs.seul.org/~cuplan/faq.html)

2.1: Include Project Independence (www.independence.seul.org)
in that list as well.

2.2: "SEUL is intended"...still makes it sound like a distrib.
The end of this question should probably be rewritten to
emphasize that linux is expanding explosively, but too few
organizations are focusing on end-users. Also note that
those that are aren't very well-coordinated.

Have only skimmed the remainder, but it looks pretty good.

I was thinking today, and it struck me that maybe our faq
should include some of the questions that are frequently asked. :)

The answers provided here are random clips from mail I've
written. They should probably be reworded/rewritten. (It's been
way too long since I've slept, or I'd do the rewriting as I go.)

* Where can I get the software that you're writing, to try it out?

Unfortunately, seul hasn't been developing a lot of end-user software
yet; we've had our hands full with other stuff. As for seul-related
projects, you may be interested in WXftp (www.wxftp.seul.org) or the
gEDA project (www.geda.seul.org). Also, there's project independence
(www.independence.seul.org) which is packaging various end-user-
friendly applications.
should also point at LSM (linux software map) and related sites

* Great project. What can I do to help out?

point them at todo.html, and if they know html and want to help
with the website, point them at simon's website.html page

* What do you guys think of this KDE/GNOME thing?

We fit in pretty smoothly with other projects like KDE and GNOME.
They're interested in creating an integrated desktop environment, with
all applications using the same toolkit and user-interface guidelines.
They're also interested in developing those applications themselves (or
at least modifying them), so they fit better into their environment.
We're interested in allowing such projects to gain acceptance, and helping
make it easier for people to move to using them.
But all that aside, we firmly believe that free software should be the
software of choice among the Linux community, and we are looking forward
to a more stable gnome.

I seem to remember there were more questions like these. Hopefully
I'll remember them in the morning. :)