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Re: SEUL: Commercial port advocacy howto draft

On  9 Oct, EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 10/9/98 7:49:07 PM EST, jjramsey_6x9eq42@yahoo.com writes:
> << I think you should eliminate the digs on MS and Apple. Think about it;
>  the company you are appealing to sells software for MS and Apple. If you
>  denigrate the use of Windows or the Mac OS, you denigrate their market.
>  I think you're better off accentuating the positives.
> Absolutely!

Well, I only mentioned them once each, and was expressing my personal
reasons for not using either as an explanation of why I'm using Linux. 
Plus, I thought I was doing so in quite measured, reasonable terms. 
Still, your point is well taken, and I'll rewrite those sentences. 
I'll post the changes here when I've done so.

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