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Re: SEUL: news

In message <1962B7278CC@cicei.ulpgc.es>, solaris@cicei.ulpgc.es writes:
>Sorry but have been working-for-food lately.  Anyhow, I have a piece
>a of interesting news:
>The UNESCO or United Nations for Education and Science Organization,
>is  offering  RedHat  5.0 (the cd's) for free to _all_ latinamerican
>organizations, universities, schools and groups who request so.
>The news (in Spanish) may be seen at:
>    www.unesco.org/events/latin
>Great news I would say.
>    Aldo

Excellent! These people need better press engines. I hunted
around their site for a little while, and I found only a brief
mention of it. I've sent them mail about the lack of a link at
the bottom of the English version of that page, and also asked
if they happened to have any press releases about it.

In any case, we should make this more public. I've cc'ed this
to LWN to get that started. :) I'm stalling on other places
until we determine if they want a press release or something 
similar to happen. That would be a Good Thing.