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Re: SEUL: cpah thoughts

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> In the second sentence of the 'standard contact message', you start
> with 'And...'. You might consider changing to 'Also, ...' You want to
> strike a balance here between being friendly and being professional.
> Perhaps being more professional in the first paragraph is better.
Noted; change "And" to "Also,".  Actually, losing the first paragraph
entirely is probably appropriate.

> What is Executor? Perhaps you could explain this more..
There's what I thought was a pretty good explanation in the sample
message.  Perhaps I should reference that in the earlier section where I
mention the various porting aids.  Or maybe I should give a shortened
description there.  Comments?

> In the Resources section, you have two 'Why Linux?' entries, followed
> by a 'Why use Linux?' entry. Perhaps you could provide some more details
> at each entry, of what the article is, how thorough it is, what it focuses
> on, etc.
I didn't want to review each entry, as I don't think I'm qualified to do
so, and as it might be more devisive than useful.  How about if I list
the URL after each entry so that people can at least see where the page
is coming from?

> Btw, how close do you think this is to be a 'production quality' version,
> Doug? At some point relatively soon, we should "tell the world" --
> seul-announce, cola, linuxtoday, etc.

Since I finally got a response from Tim Bynum, I'd like to wait till we
get his thoughts on it and see if it's a candidate for inclusion in the
Linux Documentation Project.  At that point (whether the answer is yes
or no) I think we can make the announcement.  It has been mentioned on
Linux Weekly News and in a post I put on one of the InfoWorld fora, so I
suspect there may be some peripheral awareness of it in the community

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