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Re: SEUL: Frames on the website

In message <XFMail.981019115332.gecko@benham.net>, gecko@benham.net writes:
>I don't... what's wrong with sdoc??


That's the start for our attempt to redesign sdoc. Looking back,
I suspect it was a case of biting off more than we could deal
with at the time. More specifically, those who were interested in
dealing have conveniently disappeared, meaning that the sdoc progress

One of those who disappeared is Omega. Somebody really needs to
convince him that seul is still worthwhile.


Specific problems with sdoc include the fact that my parser isn't
flexible enough for everything people want to throw at it. (netscape
doesn't follow the strict html spec, and as such people have gotten
used to writing html that breaks spec. Indeed, html-writing-assistants
have gotten used to *generating* html that breaks spec.)