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SEUL: New Image

Am I on the right track? (That's a loaded question...)

Well I have given this some thought. I even went through and read our
manifesto. I did this to try and get a feel for the type of image that we
should be displaying to the Linux community.

After collecting my marbles... I started creating a mock web page, without
frames, so I could see what I was thinking, and play with ideas. I believe
that we are trying to communicate a clear efficient image, since this is
also how we see that Linux should be to the end user. With this in mind I
created a page that is very simple, yet still delivers information to our
visitors. Remember that graphics and various links can be added later to
spruce things up if we feel it necessary. So when you look at it try to
think about how it will function and will it be something that we can grow
with. I believe that it can.

- The page is formatted to fit any screen (640x480, and up)
- At 1024x768 and 1152x864 the content is still very readable
- It currently contains no graphics so it paints in seconds
- It does not use frames, the menu is contained in a table
- It uses 'web safe' colors
- This is a mock page, so pay attention to its look and feel, not content

I am asking for candid feedback... with a catch. If you don't like
something, tell everyone, but also tell how you would like it changed. And
also try to see it from the visitors eyes who is really just looking for
Linux information without getting lost in a web server's pages. And of
course, if you think that it does suck, please let me know too.

No Frames - Sample Site Link

*Note that all pages will have to be re-written with this new type of table
idea when we get rid of frames. If sdoc cannot do what we need it to do, I
can reformat (or re-write) each page myself and shoot it back to the
server. We will worry about this later though.

Chuck Huffman                      Huffman Connection Center
mailto:cbhiii-linux@ic.net             http://ic.net/~cbhiii
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