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Re: SEUL: Multiple Replies

Chuck writes:

>Well I have heard a lot of response to some of the parts of my last
>original message. But only one person responded to the main question that
>needs to be answered before we can move forward...
>What color scheme do you like? And how does they layout look?

It would be helpful to have the top line 'SEUL' etc. with each of the color
schemes so that one could view the entire picture for each case just as it
would appear. Concerning the layout, I've got a picture of what I'm trying
to accomplish but others may be lost. I won't have access to the computer
until tonight but during the day I will put together an explanation of what
trying to do along with some examples. Hopefully this may help. Chuck if it
wouldn't be to hard could you put the SEUL header right next to each of the
color schemes. Also I would like to see a sample with 'Developer' below
rather than beside 'End User'  in the main block. Thanks.
>Even if you think that what is being done is fine, I think everyone should
>still here that you like it or do not.