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Howdy folks,  after a brief email with Roger,  here i am.....  although to be perfectly honest i have very little idea as to whats going on with the project at this point....although its my intention to lend a hand with whatever i can to help get the LU-News project up and rolling again...

I 'spose a breif intro is in order, i have been working with Linux now for about 6 years and have replaced 99% of my MS and Novell boxes with Linux workstations and servers..... I am fairly skilled with HTML and system management so most of it is not new news to me in any sense.  Not to mention a Network Manager by title.

None the less i would very much like to help out!  Would some of ya'll mind bringing me up to speed with what the actual intent is now (assuming things have changed a bit) and where everything stands now?


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