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Re: SEUL: Round 2: the next seul-announce mail

Roger R Dingledine wrote:
> I'm going to send this out in the next day or so. Comments and
> suggestions on either wording or comment are appreciated. Doug and
> Ales: it would be neat to have a section on seul-edu updates (new
> projects started, things we've updated, etc) and the latest gEDA
> release (plus tools: basically, a list of projects and URLs, one per
> line, of stuff that people might want to look at).
> Should we also include blurbs for projects which have had a new version
> out since the last seul-announce mail? That would probably double the
> size of the mail... what do we think people are interested in reading?
I can't speak for Ales, but it will take me a little time to gather all
the seul-edu project updates, as there are a few that we need to add to
our projects page.  I think you should go with what you have and put out
another message when we can get a comprehensive project update list. 
Blerbes for new versions isn't a bad idea, but I think they should
include what changes have been made.

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