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SEUL: New Member

Hello, everyone on the seul-pub list.  I'm a new recruit to the SEUL
project, and thought I might take a moment to introduce myself.  My name
is J. Rhett Aultman, and I commonly go by the username/nickname of Cuplan
(just in the event anyone is interested in the meaning of it, Cuplan is a
sort of anglicization of the Irish Gaelic word "cup`an" which means "cup,
goblet, or chalice."  It was the first Irish Gaelic word I learned to

Anyways, after witnessing my girlfriend make a transformation from a Win95
end-user who feared having to learn a new operating system to becoming a
full-blown Linux advocate, I decided that it was time to stop being
passive about Linux and to start to help in its promotion.

I've always had a very do-it-yourself attitude with computers.  I've never
settled for anything with them.  Even when I was using Win95, I was
fiddling around with the registry on a regular basis in order to get the
system I wanted with it (hmmm...I wonder why Microshaft made the editing
of the Win95 registry such a cryptic and difficult process?  Fear of user

So, anyways, here I am.  I would be a developer for SEUL, but my
programming skills aren't strong enough for that.  I instead decided to
pitch in with the maintainence of the webpage.

So, hi.

I guess that's all for now.  I look forward to working with everyone.


"I've seen your thousand points of light.  They're like so many points of
hatred, shame, and horror." -Bad Religion, "Heaven is Falling"