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SEUL: Re: [oswg] call for volunteers

> This in mind, it's my turn to ask for help.  If you're interested in
> helping with the OSWG, please send me a note at deb@thepuffingroup.com or
> deb@linuxchix.org.  Primarily, I need some help doing "community outreach"
> for the OSWG -- identifying and contacting open-source projects that need
> help with their documentation, and posting notes about those projects on
> this list.  

I keep an eye on Freshmeat and other places, to make sure I don't see any
good projects that have really bad homes. Generally we move (on average)
one project a week to the SEUL site. This benefits them because they have
a more stable site with better bandwidth, and also because they're
associated with other similar groups, so they get more attention from
people looking at the other SEUL projects.

I'll mention to the projects as we add them that they should drop you a
line if they need help with documentation.
> As for the OSWG's domain (http://www.oswg.org), it's still not set up yet
> due to technical problems regarding bandwidth.  In theory, this should be
> fixed in the near future, and the migration to the new domain will take
> place as quickly as I can make it happen.  

Here at seul, we don't have 'technical problems regarding bandwidth' :)
Seriously, if you want to set up oswg on a seul machine, it's a worthwhile
enough project that we'd be glad to help out. I could set it up for you
> If there is a certain project/application about which you are passionate,
> but you don't know how to get started, please contact me and I'll do
> everything I can to help.

I can help out with publicity for such projects, if they're related to
end-users. (For instance, our seul-announce list has 780 members
currently, many of whom are waiting to find a worthwhile project before
jumping into the fray.)

If you want me to include a several-line blurb about the oswg in my
next seul-announce mailing, I'd be happy to do that. (If, that is, you
write one and send it to me.)
Thanks for all your work. :)