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SEUL: ecasound 2.0.3 released

Support for the latest ALSA 0.9 beta-releases (beta7 and newer).
A few gcc3.0 related bugfixes. 

Packages are available at:

I've made some changes to the download page. I added more information
about non-rh6.x distros, Debian, FreeBSD and CVS-access to the page.

CVS-tree is tagged with 'v2_0_3'. 

28092001 (v2.0.3)  -** stable release **-
	- added: more recent config.guess and config.sub to 
	         the dist package  [juekawa]
	- changed: -z:intbuf made the default once again
	- changed: ecasoundrc - default-to-internal-buffering
		   renamed to default-to-max-internal-buffering
		   to avoid conflicts with the old defaults
	- fixed: gcc3.x fixes to ALSA 0.5.x plugin [juekawa]
	- fixed: problems with ALSA 0.9beta7 (dlopen() issue)
	- fixed: minor samplerated bug with LADSPA plugins
	- fixed: gcc3.x failed on certain glibc2.1 headers 
		 if optimization was enabled (-O2)
	- fixed: pyecasound linking failed in certain 

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