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SEUL: Re: help with website

Thanks for contacting me. We can certainly use some more people interested
in working on the website.

You should subscribe to seul-pub and seul-pub-www. To do this, send mail to
majordomo@seul.org with a body of these two lines:
subscribe seul-pub
subscribe seul-pub-www

I've cc'ed this to seul-pub-www, which is the list of people interested
in coordinating website updates. Most of these people are working on
seul-edu (http://www.seul.org/edu/ and below), so the other parts of the
site are for the most part unmaintained.

If you would be interested in collecting a good set of end-user-oriented
links, that would be extremely useful. We currently have
http://www.seul.org/what/links.html and

I remember noticing that the luigui project had a very good set of links
that they were building. I get the feeling that the best way to get a good
set of links is to find the best one out there, and then simply help them
maintain it (and not keep a copy on SEUL at all).

Please let me know what you think,
> Greetings!
> I can help with writing, maintaining, and proofreading documents.  I would
> need some guidance as to subject matter and style considerations.
> I am pretty good with plain HTML, I can use GIMP, and I'm fairly literate in
> M$, but still very much a newbie at Linux-- command line challenged & GUI
> impaired (need a T-Shirt).  But I can get around in KDE and Gnome pretty
> well, except for getting online.  I don't know Perl at all.
> However, I teach English and tech writing at the college level, and have
> experience teaching English as a second language.  I also teach computer
> classes (literacy, word processing, spreadsheet applications and even Visual
> Basic).
> I have been collecting a list of Linux links for my own use, and most of
> them do assume a much greater understanding of command line interface than I
> have at the moment.  I understand what needs to be done, but not exactly
> where and how to do it.
> I will be available from December 10 to January 10 during semester break, as
> much as 10 hours a week if necessary.  How can I help?
> Charlotte
> Chaos, panic and disorder!  My work here is done!
> ICQ 2313309
> http://charlottebabb.tripod.com/Charlotte1.html