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SEUL: Target for rough outline for SEUL website

I'm throwing this out as a target to be modified, complained about, and
ultimately discarded for something better.  Don't worry about hurting my feelings by
telling me my ideas are stupid--I'm way too self-assured for that to bother me.

I think the initial SEUL page (not seul-edu) should more obviously indicate
that SEUL isn't a monolithic project but is more an "umbrella" of subsections that
all have similar goals.  Perhaps it could use the "town" metaphor, with seul-edu
represented by a school house, seul-pub by a TV station, the various HOWTOs and
advocacy docs we have by a library, etc.  We could and should have a news
section that's kept updated regularly, perhaps represented as a billboard.  The
various sections will need to decide how to represent themselves internally, although
I can be counted on to offer an off-the-cuff opinion on almost anything.  Not
that that's particularly helpful.

The seul-edu site could be represented as the floorplan of a school, with
various rooms representing student grade levels, curriculum areas, a teacher's lounge
(our email archives, or whatever Ian wants to do with them), a supply room
(Bob's and Stephen's software database), a shop room (our projects page), etc.  For
those unfamiliar, in many US middle or junior high schools, there are special
rooms for teaching woodworking, metalworking, and sometimes other technical or
vocational skills.  These are the shop rooms.

There are many other ways in which our info could be laid out, but this could
be visually appealing and easily understandable without being unbearably cute for
some of our more serious-minded visitors.

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